Instagram Engagement

Instagram Engagement

$39.00 / month


The INSTAGRAM ENGAGEMENT PACKAGE is all about kindling the flame of your account by growing your biggest asset; your engagement. An account with low engagement is useless, as it means no one is paying any attention. It won’t spread your message, and you can forget about making any sales..

There are lots accounts out there with 100k+ followers and little or no engagement. People often buy followers to make their account look more authoritative, but actually you can spot this a mile off and it hurts them in the long run.
Good accounts should have an engagement rate of 4-10%. This is done by engaging daily with your niche targeted audience, and growing your follower base organically. It takes time, but with our methods your account can grow between 1000 – 9000 followers each month. Real, engaged, excited, potential customers!

As part of this 30 day service we will engage daily with your ideal target audience by liking, following, and un-following their posts and accounts.




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